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Creative Services


Imagine a number of people, gathered around an idea which they develop together that lead to an exceptional and unique video creation that also got great results! That is exactly what our main goal is here at Low Cost Media Creation Agency.

From start to finish we will bring about a Video Product that you can be proud of and use in your business endeavors.  We will provide you with everything you need that is necessary for this Video Creation, including our positive creativity and most importantly our full attention.  After all we are here to serve you.

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Our Video Platforms


We have several fully equipped video platforms available to us so we can meet the needs of our ever expanding customers.  Upon understanding what those customer needs are, we then can go to work to make what they want happen. 

Now it is your turn.  Our Video Agency is here to understand what you want, put together a video package for you, so you can turn around and use your video creation to meet your customer's needs including bringing in new customers.

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Video Strategy


A video strategy can take place even before one scene of the video is produced.  A video strategy is comprised of; video clip flow, what message is being driven, what is the objective of the video and where is the customer being led to via a script?  What call to actions are occurring in the Video and where is the customer being led to at the end of the video?  All these kinds of things and others are what makes up the ingredients of a successful video strategy. 

Interactive Video Production

Not only can we produce, host, and embed your videos on your site with call to actions in them, we can provide you with the latest video technology called Interactive Video Technology.  Using this specialized technology, we can string together a stream or flow of separate Videos, and then from this create a video "Decision Tree Path" that is directly related to your business products and/or services.   Along that Decision Path we can create interactive questions, which are Choice Points, where your customer actively engages your content, choosing their own path, during and within the video!  We can also add other Call to Actions, Move back and Forth in the Video Path, and even add a mini landing page pop up, plus much, much, more.  These all can tremendously improve your sales and conversions.

Your customers can be segmented and then pointed to the various solutions that you are offering to meet their particular needs.  This makes it very personalized for your customers.   For Instance, if you are a Hair Salon, the customer can choose what types of work they want done.  If you have an E Com website a customer can choose what offers they want to look at while the video plays. How cool, engaging, and effective would that be?    Interactive Videos can also be used in training and educational courses.  Interactive Videos ultimately, can boost your effectiveness in obtaining new clients and effectively retaining the clients you already have. That adds to and solidify's your company's bottom line.

We even have a way where you can participate in your own interactive video production, meaning editing them, and managing them through your own interactive account.

Engage Your Customers Well with Video and they will Quickly bring out their Wallets
Engage Your Customers Well with Video and they will Quickly bring out their Wallets

Hot Spot Videos

We can take a Video you have already made or make a completely new one and then add our Hot Spot Technology to it, where it will take them right to your offer, add to cart, or purchase area.  Or you can use the Hot Spot to send them to different places on your website:

  1. Customer Service Areas
  2. Knowledge Base
  3. Training Videos
  4. Case Studies
  5. Other departments
  6. Even off site

It is all up to you where you want to guide your customer.  It's that easy.  Can you see how this might improve your sales and services?

Just a few examples of the many types of videos we can create and customize for you...